Cyril Guénet à Okinawa (2011)

Pratique au Dojos de Keio & Waseda (Tokyo - 2008 et 2009)

Tournoi International de Self Défense 2013

Conférence de presse pour la TV Ouzbek


Born in 1976, Cyril Guénet do martial arts for 35 years. He is a French Federal instructor, High level state patent in Martial Arts graduated with Ministry of Sports, federal referee, Self Defense and Karate teacher in Paris. In 2002, he settle in Tokyo for business work and practice for months in KEIO dojo which is the very first Karate dojo in the world, opened by Master Funakoshi in 1924.

He spent months all over Japan, by flying back every year since 2002, to meet old Greatmasters, to understand History, culture and traditions of martial arts, and to perfect techniques and mind with direct students of Greatmaster Funakoshi. He dedicated his life and researches to Original Karate practice, and is now describe as an Expert of Karate History by Japanese medias.

In 2011 he had honor to be judged by direct students of Greatmaster Funakoshi, by president of Keio, by the WKF World Karate Federation General Secretary (Nagura Toshihisa) and succeed the exam of Keio Dan, which is the original black belt exam created by Master Funakoshi and only reserved for Japanese Karateka of Keio.


Cyril Guénet is also 5th Dan in Karate (French federation), 2nd Dan specialized in Goshin Jutsu, and has graduated a Kyusho Jitsu black belt under Hanshi Jean-Paul Bindel, and a iai-Do first Dan under official federation. Okinawa Kobudo is also one of his passion.

He dedicated a part of his practice to study Self Defense with experts such as Richard Douieb (Founder of European Krav-Maga Federation), Franck Ropers (Penchak Silat and Self Defense expert), and teach real self defense and military techniques near Paris. He is one of the few Shocknife®  instructors (electric knife) and work on biomechanics, stress and fear control.


In 2003, he opened his own Agency specialized in Martial Arts reports, videos and design, and worked with many masters, in France, England, Japan, Okinawa, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Germany... "The diversity of ideas makes us better. It is important to understand how and why each other practice."  

He produced reports for the magazine Karate Bushido, more than 100 technical DVD for VP-Masberg editions, and have long participated to the organization of the Martial Arts Festival in Paris.

You can watch more than 200 free martial reports on his Agency's YouTube channel : MDV Communication. Some people also know him as a demonstrator or competitor :

He won 1st place at "King of Self Defense" world tournament, was in several TV show on BeiNSport and gives a lot of worldwide seminars.

in 2014, He was invited to the 90th anniversary of the first Karate Dojo in Tokyo to demonstrate the transmission of original Funakoshi's Karate beyond the borders, in front of Worldwide founders and Greatmasters.


Cyril Guénet wrote several books about Karate, Goshin Jutsu, Embusen of Katas when applying in Bunkai. He performed in DVDs about Karate, projection techniques, locks and Atemi from traditional Japanese martial arts to self defense.


He is the unique non-Japanese Karateka in the world graduated by direct students in the First Karate dojo in Japan, and one of the only representative of Karate from origins.

Since 2016, his practice and dojos are officially recognized by the Japan Embassy !


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